Payroll / March 21st 2014

Services Offered by Chartered Accountants in London

A Chartered Accountant is a professional who is qualified to prepare financial statements and provide advisory services to their clients regarding a number of accounting and tax related matters. Chartered Accountants in London offer a number of services that are necessary before and after a company formation. The services range from providing advisory services to company secretarial services and registering a company. These services are important to ensure that the company complies with administrative requirements, as well as legal and practical issues and obligations. Company secretarial services are important since the company secretary is mainly responsible for the efficient administration of a company. The company secretarial services include ensuring that proper board procedures are in place, ensuring the company is compliant with relevant legislation and ensuring the company meets their specific or industry wide codes of conduct. Since the company secretary is usually the main point of contact for shareholders, they generally tend to have a range of useful contacts and can take a burdensome job away from the directors of the company. (more…)

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