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We understand that for all businesses, getting the payroll correct first time is important for both managers and employees.  Making payroll mistakes not only upsets and infuriates employees, but can lead to legal claims against the employer.

Wisteria provides payroll services to a large number of businesses, normally for monthly payrolls of up to 100 employees.  This includes preparing a monthly payroll and payslips, dealing with statutory payments such as maternity or sick pay, organising deductions and pension contributions, as well as keeping records of holiday and sick periods if required.

Typically clients use our payroll service to remove the hassle and complexity of running their own payroll, especially in a changing regulatory environment.

Our payroll services include:

Our payroll services are flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Dedicated staff ensure that you get the expertise which means your payroll is correct and compliant.

For more information on our payroll services, please contact us on 020 8429 9245.