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The administrative burden of running a company can be significant, especially for those businesses with multiple directors or shareholders.  The Companies Act places a large number of requirements on companies and directors, as well as the requirements imposed by the Company’s own Articles of Association.

It’s important that these matters are dealt with correctly, for the benefit of the directors, the shareholders and other stakeholders. Penalties are often imposed for mistakes and missed deadlines and these costs can add up, especially when you take into account the professional fees of lawyers which often result. Such costs are avoidable and it is far better to obtain the peace of mind from knowing that everything is dealt with by an experienced professional.

The duties of the company secretary range from ensuring the company registers are kept up to date and statutory filings are made on time, to more complex matters, such as advising on the corporate governance strategy or facilitating the effective management of board meetings, including taking minutes and syndicating important information to directors.

Wisteria provides company secretarial services to hundreds of companies. Some of these have complex group structures and multi-million pound turnover.  Some are owner managed businesses with more modest requirements, just looking for peace of mind.

Some of the most common areas where we help include:

For more information about our company secretarial services or for details about we can help you, please visit the dedicated Wisteria Company Secretaries website or contact a member of the specialist company secretarial team on 0207 871 9457.