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When you are looking to set up a company, it is important that you get every aspect correct, as decisions made on incorporation can have implications throughout the life of the company. The technical ‘jargon’ can often be confusing for individuals setting up a company for the first time and correcting mistakes can be a painful and a costly experience. Even those who have previously set up a company may need guidance where there are a number of individuals involved, different share classes or where there are third party investors.

We have incorporated thousands of companies and have particular experience helping individuals with complex requirements and those looking to start a business in the UK from abroad. Also, as members of the Association of Company Registration Agents (ACRA), the high quality of the service and advice that we provide is assured.


Specialist Advice and Alternative Business Structures

If you are unsure about how to appropriately set-up your business or you have specific requirements for your business structure, our company secretarial team can guide and advise you on the process.

This is particularly appropriate for businesses that will be structured in a more complicated way, for example those with different share classes, those who need bespoke Articles of Association, or where the company will form part of a group. Alternatively it may be that you are looking to establish a specific form of business entity, such as a charity, learning establishment or investment company.

Our team can help to set up a business for a range of structures, including:

For more information about our advisory services or for information regarding how we can help you to set-up your business, please contact our Company Secretarial specialists on 020 7871 9457 or visit

If you have more straightforward requirements and who know the structure that your new company will take, it is quick and easy to incorporate your company online with our dedicated website, Wisteria Formations. As a company formation agent, we can provide a fast and professional online company formations service for as little as £24.99.

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