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What are Trivial Benefits in Tax?

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Many people see the appeal of having their own limited company, whether this is because of their status or perceived image to their friends. Or even maybe because it is the most logical thing to do from a tax planning perspective. This is largely due to the corporate rates of tax being significantly lower than compared to operating as a sole trader. There is also a misconception that as it is your own company, you can start to put your own expenses through without any negative tax consequence (which is most certainly not the case).

However, recent changes to what are known as trivial benefits have meant that there are certain ways of extracting value out of the company without incurring unnecessary tax charges.

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What Happens in a Case of Intestacy?


The thought of the afterlife may not be the most appealing thing to think about on a day to day basis. However preparing well for these unpleasant times may well help relieve a lot of stress and grief for your loved ones. Therefore it is highly recommended that you ensure that you have a valid will in place. We previously shared our views on “The importance of having a valid will” back in December 2016.

If however, you unfortunately do not have a valid will at death, your estate will pass via what is known as in Intestacy. With the rules having changed recently, it is useful to know what the rules were and how they have changed exactly.

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US Company looking to invest in the UK? This is what you need to think about


As a result of the UK’s decision to Brexit, the pound is at a low against the Dollar not seen since 1985. Despite many economists’ predictions that the economy will decline as a result of Brexit it has recently been reported that Britain is currently the fastest growing economy in the G7. Consumer confidence and the housing market especially in London remains strong. This would lead to suggestions that now has never been a better time to invest in the UK. If so, these are the key points you might want to consider:

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