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R&D Tax Credit Basics – is your company missing out on tax relief?

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Since the turn of the millennium, the rise in technological innovation and the continual new development of products is now considered to be part of ‘the norm’. Developments have happened across all sectors but particularly in the manufacturing of electrical goods and information and communication sectors.

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Should I Set My Business Up as a Company?

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A limited company is a business structure whereby the owners of the company are only liable to the extent of the capital invested. The majority of companies in the UK are private limited companies, meaning the shares are not publicly marketed for sale. Private Limited companies are the most frequent incorporation that occurs. Indeed, the incorporation of limited companies is growing increasingly popular with Companies House reporting that between October and December 16 a total of 146,987 companies incorporated with over 3,500,000 on the official register.

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UK Opportunities in Latin America


Written by guest blogger, Rebecca Dossantos from the Biz Latin Hub Group.

Latin America is often considered the final frontier for many British exporters, who are more accustomed to finding easier pickings closer to home and in English-speaking countries. However, huge potential waivers in the face of economic uncertainty in the Latin American region – Between 2011 and 2015 Britain built up a trade surplus with South America, and in 2015 the UK exported £7 billion in goods and services to Latin America.

A very British history…

Most British entrepreneurs are still unaware of the historic links and goodwill that exist between Latin America and Britain. After the end of the Napoleonic Wars, many a British soldier took-up arms with the libertadores to ply their trade in the battles of independence from Spanish and Portuguese colonial rule. In 1808, Latin America represented 40% of British exports.

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